Super Foam Cleaner Spray

SprayTec super foam cleaner spray is a highly effective fast-drying foam cleaner that effectively cleans glass, painted surfaces, plastic, upholstery, rubber, chrome and porcelain from encrusted insects, grease, dirt, nicotine stains and bird droppings etc. Can be used universally for the fields automobile, office, household and workshop. The high cleaning power guarantees crystal clear window panes, mirrors, headlights, etc. Inside the car, excellently suited for thoroughly cleaning of seats, flooring, door and ceiling panelling and wheel rims. SprayTec foam cleaner spray has a pleasant, fresh fragrance and is compatible with all rubber and plastic types.

Art.-No.: (500ml)
235 020



  • Highly effective, fast drying foam cleaner for a number of application fields indoors and out.

Application fields:

  • Automobile, e.g. seats, door and ceiling panelling, wheel rims, headlights, window panes etc. office and household, e.g. plastic, upholstery, rubber, glass, porcelain, mirrors etc. workshop and industry, e.g. dirt, chrome, painted surfaces, grease etc.

Product benefits:

  • Universal
  • Fantastic cleaning power
  • Compatible with all rubber and plastic types
  • Effective removal of encrusted insects
  • Reliable removal of nicotine stains and bird droppings
  • Has a pleasant fresh fragrance


  • Shake can well before use
  • Test spray first
  • Spray the SprayTec Super Foam cleaner from a distance 20-30 cm, allow to work briefly and the rub or polish with a cloth
  • In the case of stubborn dirt, repeat spraying procedure accordingly  
  • After use, turn the can upside down and spray until the valve is completely empty.