Auto-K Transparent-Remover is a hightech Remover for the effective removal of Transparent- Sprays on lamps, glass, metal, ceramics, etc.

Please note before use:
It is mandatory to check all plastics for compatibility. Do not use on soluble plastics. Only suitable for solvent resistant materials.


150 ml
033 120 



  • Effective removal of paint sprays from lamps, glass, metal, ceramics etc.
  • Special suited for the removal of transparent sprays
  • Check all plastics for compatibility first
  • Do not use on corrodible plastics
  • Only suitable for materials that are resistant to solvents

Product benefits:

  • Specific combination of ingredients
  • High efficiency and removal power
  • Easy to handle
  • Very economic and easy to process, easy running

Spray coating:

  • Spray directly onto the area that needs to be removed from 20 cm
  • Wipe away quickly with a cloth
  • Repeat process if necessary.


  • If product gets in eyes, rinse well with plenty of water and consult a doctor
  • After use, wash hands in plenty of water
  • Please also observe the safety information on the can!