Masking adhesive tape


  • Masking adhesive tape with 19 mm width is suitable for mask roundings such as car wings or rims
  • Masking adhesive tape in 30 mm is universally suitable for flat surfaces


Art. No.:

746 037 (19 mm/50m)

746 038 (30 mm/50m)




  • Taping off rounded surfaces and straight surfaces before coating or painting

Product benefits:

  • Targeted coating
  • Simple and easy to remove again

Packages / packaging unit:

  • 19mm width and 50m length for rounded surfaces
  • 30mm width and 50m length for straight areas
  • VPE 19mm width: 26 units per box
  • VPE 30mm width: 16 units per box


  • Before painting, affix around the damaged area, then paint and then simply remove again