With the Auto-K sanding paper rust is removed, paint residues are sanded down and the dried through putty mass is sanded smooth. Residues of sanding dust can be removed with a soft cloth.

The large Auto-K sanding paper assortment offers the right grit for any need. The units include 5 sheets each.

Grits and use

Dry sanding
P 40For removal of thick rust and paint layers
P 60For preparation of unfinished surfaces
P 80For equalisation of strong irregularities
P 120For sanding before priming or etching
P 180For first sanding after priming
Wet sanding
P 240For first wet sanding after priming
P 400For smooth sanding of primed surfaces
P 600For fine sanding before painting
P 1000For final fine sanding before painting
P 1200For final fine sanding before painting