Zinc rich primer

The Auto-K Zinc rich primer is a highly effective, metallic rust protection primer on zinc basis. The high zinc content seals long-term and guarantees a high corrosion protection, even for temperatures above 400°C. The product is especially suitable for all car parts that must not be painted, e.g. exhaust systems, welding seams, galvanised parts and the inner side of the car body.


150 ml
033 054 
400 ml
233 054 



  • Highly effective metallic anti-corrosion primer

Product benefits:

  • Prevents corrosion without requiring an extra coating
  • Specially suited for all objects, that are not be painted over, e.g. parts inside the engine compartment, exhaust pipe, welded joints, zinc-plated parts and the insides of car bodies.

Binding agent base:

  • Special binding agent combinations

Spray coating:

  • For 2 cross-coats: 40-50 μm

Drying times:

  • Dust dry: after 10-15 min.
  • Fast to handling: after 30 min.

Can be painted over:

  • With itself: at any time

Paint structure:

  • No pre-treatment with primers and no follow-up treatment with other top coats or clear lacquers necessary.