Polishing paste

  • For the cleaning and polishing of severely contaminated metal surfaces
  • Ideal for the removal of spray mist
  • Applicable where conventional paint cleaners fail

Art. No.:
745 130 (75 ml)




  • To remove spray mist and clean heavily soiled metal surfaces
  • Apply the rubbing compound with a soft, non-fluff cloth or with polishing wadding.
  • Depending on the condition of the painted surface, rub with more or less pressure until the required cleaning result is achieved.
  • Once dry,  rub off the grey-white coat with clean wadding and then polish.

Product benefits:

  • Fast-action cleaning
  • Can be used where standard paint cleaners fail

Package / packaging unit:

  • Tube with 75ml content
  • 12 units per box


  • Only treat completely dried coats.
  • Can also be used where standard paint cleaners fail