Spray TEC

Spraytec are special products for the repair, maintenance, value conservation and cleaning. Ideal for cars, industry and crafts. SprayTec products are ideal for commercial use, for a number of technical applications and for Do-it-yourself applications.

The SprayTec product program The SprayTec product program consists of the two product lines "Technical aerosols" and "underbody protection products".

Technical aerosols

The SprayTec assortment of technical aerosols provides everything for maintenance, protection, value conservation, cleaning and electronic start support areas. Ideal for cars, motor bikes as well as the industry, leisure, etc. areas.

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Underbody protection

The product range includes underbody protection products, stone chip protection as well as cavity sealings. Available as a 500 ml spray for immediate processing, as a 1.000 ml gun can for processing with the suction air/airless gun as well as brush paint in a brush can.

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