Polyester repair resin (styrene reduced)

  • For the processing of glass fibre materials
  • For small and large damages
  • Can be used for cars, caravans, boats, surfboards, gutters or pipes

Art. No.:
745 450 (250 g)
745 452 (1000 g)



  • Removal of corrosion, cracks or holes in car bodies, caravans, boats, surfboards, gutters, pipes etc.
  • Only process with glass-fibre material (matting, web or fleece).
  • Mix the resin within its working life with 2 % hardener.
  • Attach the glass-fibre material that is saturated with resin to the repair spot.
  • Several layers can be laminated on top of each other.
  • Filling agents can be applied over the material and after the surface has been sanded, it can be painted over.

Product benefits:

  • Can be adapted to existing forms
  • Application-friendly solution
  • Fast hardening
  • Resistant to water and solvents
  • Resistant to petroleum

Packages/packaging unit:

  • PU 250g: 6 units per box
  • PU 1000g: 2 units per box

Drying time:

  • 20-30 minutes (20°C)
  • Work life approx. 5-10 min (20°C)


  • All dirt needs to be removed with a universal nitro thinning agent before it gets hard
  • Do not pour the mixed material back into the can
  • Use gloves
  • Close the can with the lid and the tube with the plastic cap until air-tight
  • Observe information on the product