Scratches & stone chips

Good preparation is essential for a flawless finish. The Auto-K range has everything you need for all important work steps. Please observe our recommendations to ensure you achieve excellent results.

Wie beseitige ich einen Lackkratzer oder Kratzer am Auto

Wie beseitige ich einen Steinschlag am Auto

How do I remove paint scratches from a car

How do I remove stone chips from a car

Remove the rust

Once you have cleaned and masked the car body with masking tape, carefully remove all rust down to the bare metal surface. Use the rust eraser for smaller rust spots, and sand paper (with various grains) for larger areas.


Even out smaller areas using filler products. Apply a thin and even layer of filler with a scraper. Drying time: approx. 20-30 minutes. The Auto-K range contains special fillers for all situations.

Dry sand

Use sanding paper P120 or P180 to sand down the hardened filler compound. Remove any sanding dust with a soft cloth. The sanding paper is also used to remove rust and paint residues. 

Apply an anti-corrosion primer

Apply a anti-corrosion filler to the bare metal surface, which is now clean and free of dust and grease. A spray filler can also be used to fill or even out any uneven areas.

Prime with a filler/primer

Prime the rust-protected damaged area with several cross-coats of filler/primer ensuring that a thick layer is created. This will prime and fill the area in one work step creating a smooth surface upon which a top coat can be applied.

Wet sand

Smooth down the primer/filler layer with wet sanding paper P400 or at least P600 once dry. Wipe any sanding dust off with a soft cloth, then allow the area to dry.


Apply a top coat using Auto-K product; see Auto-K instructions, professional tips Top coat & original colour tone