Putty knife set


  • The right knife size (4 blades of 5 cm to 12 cm) for each damage area
  • Flexible knife sizes made of rustproof metal or plastic


Art. No.:

746 040 (metal)

746 041 (plastics)




  • Filling differently sized spots of damage
  • Use directly on the spot of damage and fill

Product benefits:

  • The right size for every spot of damage
  • The metal blades are flexible and made of rustproof steel

Packages / packaging unit:

  • 5cm, 8cm, 10cm and 12cm for metal blades
  • 5cm, 7,5cm, 10cm and 12cm for plastic blades
  • Packaging unit: 20 units per box


  • An ideal complement to the spatula blade is the combined filler that smoothes over small areas of unevenness and closes the pores
  • Please clean any tools (spatulas, mixing beakers) immediately after use (e.g. with acetone, cellulose thinner)