Rust Solvent Spray

SprayTec rust solvent spray is a highly effective, universal rust remover with high penetrability that can penetrate the smallest cracks and cavities to effectively free screws, nuts, hinges etc. of rust. Specific additives ensure penetration and  repression of damp. SprayTec rust solvent spray permanently stops corrosion, prevents friction, eliminates squeaking, loosens bolts, valves etc. SprayTec rust solvent spray permanently removes dirt and lubricates all moving parts. The product can be used universally for the fields automobile, motorbike, trade, industry and leisure and hobby.

Art.-No.: (400ml)
235 013



  • Highly effective, universal rust remover
  • High penetrability in smalls cracks and cavities

Application fields:

  • Auto, motorbike, workshop, garden, hobby, household, farming, industry etc.

Product benefits:

  • Permanently removes dirt and rust
  • Looses rusted parts, such as e.g. screws, nuts, hinges, bolts, valves
  • Prevents friction
  • Stops corrosion
  • Eliminates squeaking
  • Penetrates and represses damp
  • Lubricates moving parts
  • Best penetrability properties
  • The small spray tube on the spray head allows exact spraying


  • Shake can well before use
  • Test spray first
  • The treated surfaces need to be sprayed evenly from a distance of  approx. 20-25 cm
  • In the case of heavy rust, repeat spraying procedure accordingly  
  • After use, turn the can upside down and spray until the valve is completely empty