Epoxy resin (styrene-free)

  • Solvent-free, styrene-free and odour-reduced
  • For repairing, adhesion, coating and as a compound mass
  • Excellent adhesion and long-term epoxy-based protection
  • Universal on almost all surfaces
  • Mix the hardener (components above) thoroughly into 50 % of the epoxy compound until a homogenous compound is created (example: 80g epoxy + 50% of this = 40g hardener = total 120g).

Art. No.:
745 035 (500 g) yellowish



  • Fibre-reinforced 2K epoxy resin filler for repairing, adhesion, coating on vehicles, boats, concrete floors, gutters, pipes etc. Also ideal as a compound mass for hollow spaces and the creation of waterproof coats and GFK moulded parts. Processing time 30 min. at 20°C. After 16 hours, the 2K epoxy resin can be treated. Completely dry after approx. 7 days. Do not return the 2K epoxy resin to the can.

Product benefits:

  • Excellent adhesion on almost all surfaces/objects
  • Very good sanding capacity (after 16 hours)
  • Universal on steel, iron, aluminium, wood, natural stone, concrete, ceramic etc.
  • Solvent-free, almost odour-free
  • very water resistant, therefore waterproof coats possible
  • Hardens without cracks and shrinkage
  • Can be painted over with all conventional 1K topcoat systems         

Packages / packaging unit:

  • PU 500g: 4 units per box

Binding agent base

  • Specific polyester resin

Drying times

  • Completely dry: after approx. 7 days
  • Can be painted over: after 16 hours

Processing times:

  • approx. 30 min at 20°C


  • Do not return the mixed epoxy filler to the can/respective packaging
  • Sanding capacity: after approx. 16 hours at 20°C 
  • Please clean any used tools (spatula blade, mixing cup, etc.) immediately after use (e.g. with acetone/cellulose thinner)