Glass fibre putty (styrene reduced)

  • Highly effective mixture of polyester resin and glass fibres
  • High tear and break stability after hardening
  • For metal cracks and point size perforation corrosions
  • Colour: green (without hardener)

Art. No.:
745 410 (250 g)
745 411 (500 g)
745 412 (1000 g)



  • Serves to reinforce rusted sheet metal and to cover metal cracks and spots of perforation corrosion and to make repairs to boats, caravans, surfboards and many objects made of steel, iron, concrete and a large number of common plastics.
  • Carefully clean the surface of dust, grease and releasing agent and then sand down.
  • Thoroughly mix the required amount of glass-fibre filler with 2% hardener in the plastic lid.

Product benefits:

  • Fast hardening 2-component filler compound based on elastic polyester resins with glass-fibre parts
  • Extremely tear and break resistant

Packages / packaging unit:

  • Tins with 250g, 500g and 1000g content
  • PU: 250g: 6 units per box
  • PU: 500g: 4 units per box
  • PU: 1000g: 2 units per box

Processing time:

  • 4-6 minutes at 20°C


  • Do not place mixed filler back into the can
  • Ready for sanding: after 30 minutes at 20°C
  • Immediately clean the used auxiliary tools (eg. spatulas/ mixing cups, etc) after finishing the process with acetone or thinner for nitro-cellulose