Liquid Gum

Liquid Gum is a high-grade coat to for protection, decoration and as a design element. The attraction: The spray creates a paint-type protective foil that can be removed at any time without problems. This offers the options of creating always new and exciting design opportunities.

Guaranteed Auto-K quality

  • Simple application
  • Outstanding adhesion
  • Abrasion and stone chip resistant
  • Non-slip surface (grip)
  • For indoor and outdoor use
  • Highly tear resistant when peeling off

Special information for painting:

The surface always needs to be white or primed with white first before applying neon colours (green, orange, pink) and brillant blue. This ensures that the colours develop their brightness!

We recommend applying 2 coats of Auto-K Liquid Gum white (Art.-No.: 233 251). Then apply the colour shade of your choice.

The number of spray coats has an impact on the colour intensity; The more spray coats there are, the more intensive the colour result.

The neon colours (pink, orange, green) may change, if exposed to direct sunlight.


400 ml
233 250 

400 ml
233 251 

400 ml
233 256 

400 ml
233 252 

400 ml
233 253 

400 ml
233 254 

400 ml
233 255 



  • High-quality, pull-off sprayable film with grip effect for indoor and outdoor use. For protection, decoration and design. Resistant to abrasion, car washes and chip impact. Suitable for all smooth, non-absorbent surfaces of metal and plastic, e.g. rims, attachments, bicycles, skateboards, laptops, tools and decorative objects. Surfaces must be resistant to solvents, clean and dry. Check compatibility with the undersurface before use. Shake the can vigorously for 2 min. before use and carry out a test spray. For easy removal, apply approx. 5 coats. For neon colours and blue, apply 2 coats of white to give the full luminosity. Pre-paint wood with a clearcoat to achieve a smooth surface.

Product benefits:

  • Protection and insolation
  • Perfect for rims and bodywork
  • Abrasion and stone chip resistant
  • Für car, house, handcraft and hobby
  • Fast drying (45 min. dust dry)
  • For indoors and outdoors
  • High tearing-strengh when removing (after 2 hours)

Binding agent base:

  • Snythetic rubber (SBR)

Spray application:

  • Spray distance: 10 – 20 cm
  • To ensure easy removal, apply approx. five spray passes (approx. 80-100µm dry layer thickness).
  • Observe a 5 - 10 minute flash-off time
  • For application the Neon colours and brillant-blue a white primer (Liquid Gum white, prod. No. 233 251) is required to achieve the glow effect

Drying times:

  • Dust dry 45 min
  • Ready for mounting 90 min
  • Waterproof / rainproof: 2 h
  • Can be removed after: 2 h
  • Can be topcoated 2 h 

Can be topcoated:

  • With itself: after drying (observe flash-off time)
  • Once fully dried (approx. 2h) Liquid Gum can be topcoated with Auto-K / belton spray aerosols. Apply max. 3 spray passes. More topcoats make it difficult to peel-off

Layer structure:

  • Spray about 5 even, closed, thin layers to ensure that an adequate layer of fi lm is created. Observe a fl ash-off time of 5 - 10 minutes between the separate layers
  • No full hiding is achieved after 2-3 spray passes because the product acts similar to a stain. Minimum 5 spray passes are required to achieve full hiding as well as the full tensile strength required for the peel-off procedure
  • Important: Always remove the masking tape as long as the last layer is still wet; otherwise there is a risk the edges will rupture


  • Attention! Do not use products containing solvents, e.g. degreaser (petroleum benzine)