Brake caliper paint

For colour effects in the visible brake area. Brake caliper and other parts become visible with high-contrast through the rims. The spray is easily and quickly applicable and provides a special race sport look.


400 ml
233 074 

400 ml
233 075 

400 ml
233 076 

400 ml
233 077 

400 ml
233 078 



  • For achieving colour effects on the visible parts of the brakes
  • Upgrading and tuning for a racing look

Product benefits:

  • Easy running
  • High level of solid matter
  • Very economic
  • Rapid tack-drying
  • Good drying properties
  • Free of heavy metals: no lead, cadmium, chrome
  • Temperature resistant up to 100°C

Binding agent base:

  • Synthetic resin

Spray coating:

  • For 2 cross-coats: 40-50 μm

Drying times:

  • Dust dry: after 15-20 min.
  • Fast to handling: after 1-2 hours
  • Dry hard: after 6-8 days

Can be painted over:

  • With itself: within 6 hours

Paint structure:

  • No pre-treatment with primers and no follow-up treatment with other top coats or clear lacquers necessary