Top coats & original colour tone

The Auto-K range contains products for flawless top coats. Spray-Sets for painting the respective original workshop colour tone, touch-up pencils for smaller damaged areas, standard and racing colour tones as well as special products, such as wheel rim spray, heat-resistant paint etc. for all special cases.

Decklackierung im Originalfarbton

Originalfarbton ausbessern

Topcoat in original colour

Repair original colour


Carefully mask off a large space around the damaged area or area that is to be painted using Auto-K masking tape and masking paper to ensure that no spray mist lands on surrounding areas.

Correct paint preparation

Scratches, stone chips, dents and rust spots have already been successfully repaired with Auto-K paint preparation products in the past. The area that is to be repaired must be clean, dry and free of grease. 

Test spray to check colour tone

Before painting, test spray on a piece of metal or cardboard to check the colour. Shake the Auto-K spray paint/spray-set can thoroughly for at least 2 minutes before using. 

First spray coat

In a first step, apply light and thin coats of Auto-K top coat/Spray-Set. This forms the basis for subsequent coats. Allow a flash-off time of 5 - 10 minutes between each coat. The ideal spray distance is approx. 25 cm.

Second spray coat

The second coat is sprayed by moving the can from side to side to apply even thin coats on top of the first coat. Start spraying away from the painted surface to avoid over-coating. 


After allowing a flash-off time of 5 - 10 minutes, apply the final top coat, also by moving the can from side to side. An Auto-K 2-layer clearcoat always needs to be applied to 2-layer paints to achieve shine and weather resistance.


Good preparation of the surface with Auto-K is essential for a flawless top coat. See professional tips for use of Auto-K Scratches & stone chips and rust & dents