Liquid Gum Sprayable film

The peel-off sprayable film with grip effect*

The Liquid Gum Spray helps you to create a highquality coating for protection, decorative or design purposes on your car or a wide range of other objects: and the clever thing is, the spray creates a paint-like protective film that can be peeled off easily at any time. New exciting design possibilities whenever you want.

Liquid Gum in Use:

  • Protection and insulation
  • Outstanding adhesion
  • Abrasion and stone chip resistant
  • For car, house, handcraft and hobby
  • For indoor and outdoor use
  • Highly tear resistant when peeling off

* Grip effect: Non-slip function

Versatile use

Auto-K Liquid Gum is suitable for smooth, non-absorbant surfaces and it can be used and removed again without problems on paint, metal, plastics or glass.

Cool look for the vehicle

  • Reliable protection against stone chip damages
  • Pressure and car washer resistant
  • Can be used on any painted surfaces
  • Non-slip feeling due to grip effect

The all-round talent for leisure time and lifestyle

  • Visible and invisible protective foil
  • Exciting colours
  • Strong adhesion

Colour accents for house and garden

  • For the repair and beefi ng up of everyday objects
  • Creative ideas
  • Implement new accents for living rooms and furniture objects.